Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Brett Favre, Redux

Brett Favre got his release from the Jets this week and now there are rumblings that he wants to come out of "retirement" again to play for the Vikings. That's fine. He can do what he wants (though even the greatest Favre apologists have to admit that he's now made a thorough mockery of himself and that you can't believe anything that happens to fly out of his mouth).

But Favre should know that Packer fans are loyal to one thing: the Green Bay Packers. And so he shouldn't be surprised the first time Aaron Kampman drives him into the Frozen Tundra and the Lambeau faithful cheer wildly as Favre slowly makes his way back to his feet. I'm not saying it's right. But if #4 shows up in Viking gear, I guarantee it's going to happen.

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abby said...

I don't consider myself a great apologist for him, though I did some last summer, but I cannot be so eager now. He's doing what I always hoped he wouldn't do--not known when to hang it up and go out gracefully.