Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday Shootout

You probably have to be a pretty serious golf fan to appreciate the leaderboard at The Masters heading into tomorrow's final round. Tiger and Phil are both 7 shots back and if those guys aren't in the mix, many casual observers don't really care. But while the final two groups may lack something in star power, they are full of some fairly grizzled veterans and for that reason, I expect a pretty exciting finish. In fact, I'll be surprised if the winner comes from somewhere outside the last two pairings.

Kenny Perry is 48 and playing the best golf of his life. What does he have to lose? Angel Cabrera stared down Tiger a few years ago to win the U.S. Open. You don't do that if you can't handle the pressure. Jim Furyk has repeatedly shown that he can close the deal when he gets in the hunt. And no one with a swing like that makes a career in golf without some guts. And while Chad Campbell may not have quite the resume of the other three, he made his way from junior college to UNLV to the Hooters Tour to the Nationwide Tour to the PGA Tour and Ryder Cup team. Guy can grind it out.

None of them looks the part. But every one of them falls into the category of "last guy you'd want to play for the last $50 in your pocket." Who needs Tiger or Phil when you can have storylines like this?

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