Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kinda Sorta How I Thought

Technically, I was right about the way The Masters played out. The top three players after three rounds held their grip on those spots and the winning score was lower, relative to par, than the leading score on Saturday night. The gamers I predicted would hold on to the lead did exactly that. And anyone who shoots under par while in the hunt in a major--to say nothing of having the best player ever breathing down your neck--deserves his props.

That said, I admit to being surprised at the charge that Tiger and Phil put into the proceedings. When Phil turned in 30, all the energy was with their pairing. No one in the lead had done anything of note and you felt that something unbelievable just might be possible. But then Phil, inexcusably, put it in the water on 12 and the game was pretty much over. The leaders withstood the charge and by the time they made it to 13, the storyline was once again all about them.

It may not have been what the masses would have hoped for. But it was a fun ride and Cabrera is a worthy Masters champion.

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