Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Disingenuous You Know Whats

Watching tonight's Frontline (available online here) made me so angry I wanted to gouge out my eyes. It tells the story of the Bush administration's disastrous economic policies--it's mindless commitment to tax cuts coupled with unrestrained spending that has, in large part, led to the budget problems that our nation now faces.

A brief memo to all the Republicans who are now railing against the spending plans that the Obama administration has laid out to clean up your mess:

You have less than zero credibility on this issue. If you cared so much about fiscal responsibility, you had eight years to excercise it while you had a congressional majority. And now that President Obama has to clean up your steaming pile of shit by spending money we don't have, you want to express your righteous indignation?! I'm pretty sure you know what you can do with that indignation . . .


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JAK said...

I didn't see the program but will look for it elsewhere. The mindless tax cuts certainly bother me because they are so unreasonably popular with so many citizens. But, like you, I am most annoyed/outraged by the disingenuous, blatantly hypocritical uncontrolled, unregulated spending they showed and got away with for so many years.

All this brings to mind Garrison Keillor's "Down Home Democrat" essay, which he started by reminiscing that, in his younger years, despite being basically a Democrat, he could still appreciate the Republicans because they could be counted on for their fiscal responsibility. Throw that out the window as far as you can; they have less than zero cred now.

All this is so scarily unfortunate. Like Keillor, I used to argue that it was actually good to have conservatives in power every now and then -- to maintain some balance and checks over the long term. Now I don't see it anymore. We have become more polarized and willing to demonize the other side. And I see myself and others succumbing as well.

Scary for our country? Yes! Fortunately, our current president doesn't emphasize the polar approach, so there is some hope, but it is still there, waiting to come to the forefront again.