Thursday, January 08, 2009

Prediction: Florida 35, Oklahoma 24

In our family bowl pick-em pool, I picked Oklahoma to win the national title (though I ranked that pick pretty low because I was not overly confident in it). But as the bowl season has played out, two things have become increasingly clear: Big 12 defenses are just too weak and Big 12 offenses are capable of being slowed by tough defenses. Ole Miss punched Texas Tech in the mouth and Tech couldn't handle it. And Texas beat Ohio State, not because their offense was unstoppable but because Terrelle Pryor can't (yet) throw the ball a lick. (I mean, he really looked bad when he tried to pass. Did they teach him to shot put the ball in high school?) OSU's defense played well and if their offense had any balance at all, they would have won.

Hence my pick for tonight's game. Florida's defense is good enough to slow down the Sooners and the Oklahoma defense gets run over by Tim Tebow. Unfortunately, that means another national title for the Gators and their insufferable fans.

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