Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Morning After

I went to bed last night before Obama's victory speech so I didn't get to watch it until this morning. It was a profoundly moving speech that, I thought, struck exactly the right chords: recognition of the historical significance of this election, respect for McCain, appeal for support from his adversaries, and acknowledgment of the struggles ahead, all highlighted beautifully by notes of hope and optimism. I don't think he could have done better.

But now we move forward. The easy part is over. Compared to actually being president, getting elected president is a cakewalk. I cast my vote because of my belief that Obama is made of just the right stuff to pull it off. Only time will tell if I was right.

Unfortunately, there will probably be a small segment of the population that will want to see him fail. More concerned with being right than with goodness or truth, they will criticize every misstep and fail to acknowledge any success. We will always have such people with us and I think the best that we can do is ignore them. Like 3 year-olds throwing tantrums, they should be left to scream their heads off in isolation.

We can, however, hope that the overwhelming dissatisfaction people have with the way things are going will open a window of opportunity--a measure of open-mindedness and patience of the part of greater numbers of people--that some presidents do not have. The unfortunate circumstances of history may paradoxically be Obama's biggest asset in the short term. If Americans are patient and hopeful and willing to try some new ideas, perhaps an Obama administration can lead this generation in building legacy for our country that we can be proud of.


Susan said...
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Susan said...

Well said! As our favorite SSgt and her band "mates" was told today, no gloating and no whining, we all need to work together.