Monday, September 15, 2008

Happiness is the Absence of Misery

The UW football team won an important game on the road at Fresno St. on Saturday and the Packers won on the road at Detroit yesterday. These wins should make me happy. As a (perhaps overly) passionate fan of both teams, I should take great pleasure in their success.

But all I can think about today (apart, of course, from Aristotle's Ethics, on which I just lectured) is the ongoing collapse of my beloved Brewers who got swept in a crucial four game series in Philadelphia over the weekend. The pleasure I took in the football victories is completely outweighed by the agony of the losses. Failure dominates my horizon far more than success, even when neither the failure nor the success are mine.

Maybe this isn't so strange. After all, when someone is beating you over the head with a hammer, it's tough to enjoy the sunset or the beautiful music playing in the background. Nevertheless, I shudder to think what this kind of outlook says about me and what fun a psychiatrist would have deconstructing my experience. All I know is that the Brewers play the Cubs tomorrow and I'm longing for some relief from my current misery.

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Susan said...

Don't give up, maybe tonight (9/17).