Saturday, March 29, 2008

There's a Hole In My Life Where Bucky Used to Be

My weekend schedule got thrown into disarray when the Badgers lost to Davidson last night. I had been looking forward to watching them play Kansas on Sunday for a chance to go to the Final Four. Alas, Davidson didn't care what I wanted to do with my weekend. Ah well.

I was disappointed at the outcome, like any fan would be. But I was also disappointed that UW lost the way they did. They had no answer for Davidson's perimeter offense (in particular for the truly phenomenal Stephen Curry) and Davidson's defense seemed to have the Badgers rattled the entire second half. They weren't able to get the ball inside or slow down the flow of the game so as to emphasize their strengths. In some ways, the game was just way too pretty for them to win. They needed an ugly slog and it just wasn't there for them.

The UW players classily gave Davidson all the credit after the game. While they could definitely have played better, it wasn't just lip service either. Last night, Davidson was the better team.

I had grown to love this version of the Badgers, probably more than any other Badger team I've ever followed. They were selfless, hard working, smart, and clearly enjoyed being around each other. They represented their university as well as a sports team can and I'll miss watching them.

Now I need something to do on Sunday. Good thing baseball season is right around the corner . . .

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