Monday, March 03, 2008

Endnotes are Immoral

I see no justifiable reason for using endnotes (as opposed to footnotes), especially in books that are rather lengthy. Why force someone to flip several hundred pages to find a reference or comment when you can put that reference or comment at the bottom of the page and make it available in the quickest of glances? The only possible reasons I can think of are: (1) footnotes somehow disrupt the flow of reading and (2) straightforward sadism. I find (1) wildly implausible. If you don't care about the reference or comment, then don't read it. Problem solved. That leaves (2). And since sadism is immoral, then so are endnotes. QED


abby said...

A little grumpy this Monday morning, I see.

Foolish Sage said...

Here here!

Now this is a cause I can get behind. Endnotes are very annoying!

NonVoxPop said...

If footnotes are little pools beside the thought stream, endnotes are like the sediment accumulation where the river flows into the sea. There's an organic richness there.
See? Don't you feel better now that it's been positively reframed?