Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gearing Up Again?

It's been forever since I last thought about blogging. While I was in the thickest part of dissertation writing, I had no spare words to devote to something like this. If I had something to say, it damn well better be about something relevant to my dissertation. And if it was relevant to my dissertation, then I should be writing it as part of my dissertation, not something relatively frivolous and self-indulgent, like a blog. But as of late, I've been feeling the urge to air a few thoughts--maybe it's hearing a good friend of mine airing out more than his share--and this seems exactly the forum in which to do it. So we'll see what happens (and if anyone notices).


The Taxman said...

About time!

NonVoxPop said...

YES!!! This rocks! Glad to have you back. You cover the self-indulgent frivolity, and I'll keep examining burning questions of Binobo morality.

AJK said...

Wow. Two people noticed already. You guys need hobbies :-)