Sunday, August 20, 2006


I was going to write an analysis of the PGA Championship this evening but I realized that I've already said everything that needs to be said in my comments on the British Open. If you replace "Royal Liverpool" with "Medinah No. 3" and scratch the part about someone stepping up and punching Tiger in the mouth (nobody did today), then things played out pretty much the same today as they did a month ago.

As I see it, the tournament was over on the middle of the back nine yesterday. If someone was going to make a move, they needed to do it then. Tiger has never lost a major championship when he was tied for, or in, the lead after 54 holes and that wasn't about to happen today. Phil Mickelson is probably the only person in the world with the talent to battle it out with Tiger toe-to-toe. But his long game has been too erratic of late for him to really be a factor this week and I'm not sure he has fully recovered from his U. S. Open debacle. He will. But it might take some time away from the game in the off-season for him to get back to where he was.

I have two overarching thoughts about Tiger's recent dominance. First, it would be fantastic for golf if a true rival emerged for Tiger. I am convinced that Jack Nicklaus only achieved the greatness he did because he had a series of rivals--some of whom beat him on occasion: Palmer, Player, Trevino, Watson. Competitive greatness involves being tested--even losing--and then seeing what you are made of. In some ways, I'm not sure we really know what Tiger is made of since he's never come up short in these kinds of situations.

Second, I don't think it's too much of an overstatement to say that right now Tiger Woods may be as good at what he does as anyone has ever been at what they do. And I'm not just talking about sports. I'm talking about anything that anyone has ever put their mind to do. I don't think Einstein was as good of a scientist or Monet as good of a painter as Tiger is a golfer right now. Even if you don't like golf, I hope you can appreciate the nature of his excellence. It's truly remarkable.


Leah said...


I'm sorry, but I feel that I am a much better oboe player than Tiger is a golfer. Thus my multiple competition wins and numerous job offers. Plus i have way more money than him. oh wait...

But seriously... is it necessary for Tiger to hoard all of the talent? Spread it around bro.

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