Saturday, July 22, 2006

Life Gets in the Way

I've been hard at work on my dissertation the past two weeks and while I've churned out some pages, as of yesterday afternoon I was ready to scrap everything and move on to a new topic. The pieces just aren't fitting together how I want them to and I still haven't figured out exactly how to frame the project (which is basically the same as not having figured out exactly what I want to say). As it happened, I woke up this morning and had an idea of how I might proceed. (And yes. It happened just like that. I woke up and somewhere between getting Gideon out of bed and making coffee downstairs, it came to me.) It remains to be seen if this really ends up helping me turn a corner but however it ultimately turns out, I feel a bit more energized going into next week.

And energy is what I need. People who know me know that I don't really like house projects. They take too much time and disrupt calm and order--two things I really do like. But last week I finally resolved to try and fix the outside spigot (which has been broken for a year and a half). Fixing the portion that was broken was pretty easy. It was attaching the new spigot to the house and stopping a super-slow (and super-annoying) leak in the new set-up that proved to be a serious pain in the neck. Three trips to the hardware store later, and everything was running perfectly (and Tisha finally had a functioning hose outside).

That was Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, the garbage disposal went out and so I had another project--this one a bit more pressing because we couldn't run the dishwasher until I fixed it. So I got the disposal and installed it on Thursday night (which was also pretty easy). But when I reassembled all the other pipes, it turned out there was also a crack in the J-joint that comes out of the disposal. So instead of being done, I had another project on tap (no pun intended) for Saturday (because I couldn't afford not to get some writing done on Friday). Two trips to the hardware store later, and all is finally well and running perfectly.

I still resent the intrusion in my life. But I do appreciate the sense of accomplishment. And now I can sit back tomorrow and enjoy four hours of what should be a fantastic British Open finale without so much as a shred of guilt. Woods, Els, Garcia, DiMarco, and Furyk all within two shots of each other in my favorite tournament to watch on TV. It doesn't get much better.

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Katie said...

I feel your pain. Perhaps you're not as cynical as me just yet, but it always seems as though its Friday afternoon when an experiment that hasn't worked all week decides to work. (Or appears to work...) Its *that* that brings me back on Monday. Otherwise, I would have been perfectly okay with high-tailing it out of Cville without looking back. God must know how easily I'd give up if given the chance!