Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just Too Good

The massive shootout I'd hoped to see today at the British Open never really developed. Instead, Tiger dissected Royal Liverpool with surgical precision on the way to his 11th professional major championship. It was a scene golf fans have seen play out many many times over the past eight years. Somebody in the field gains a bit of momentum--today it was Chris DiMarco--and you think that they just might be able to make a charge, pull it out and manage to slay the dragon.

The problem is that Tiger just doesn't make mistakes when he's in the lead. Instead he hits 4-irons to six feet and makes birdie, crushing everyone else's hope in the process.

There have been a few people who have stepped up and punched Tiger in the mouth: Sergio Garcia and Bob May have done it at the PGA and DiMarco did it last year at the Masters. But all those challenges have ended the same way: with Tiger hoisting the trophy or putting on the jacket. Until someone tracks him down on Sunday afternoon and actually beats him, it looks like the only person who can truly beat Tiger is Tiger.

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