Thursday, June 08, 2006

What would you say?

Those of you waiting with baited breath for further comments on Leibniz and Spinoza (and I know you are out there) will have to wait a little bit longer. We are in the middle of our June-long vacation and that means that not much work is getting done. And when not much work gets done, that means that even less blogging will get done (per the promise I made to myself in my inaugural post).

So, on a much different note, I went to a Dave Matthews Band concert last night. It rained and since we had lawn seats, we got pretty wet. But aside from the drunk guy who threatened to "snap my neck" and accused me of not having "learned to share in kindergarten" (just because I was trying to prevent him from starting a potentially dangerous stampede), a great time was had by all.

While I wouldn't categorize myself as a diehard DMB fan, I certainly enjoy their music. And since we've moved to C'Ville, there is a kind of hometown pride in their success. I've periodically spotted band members at local coffee shops and we regularly walk by (and periodically visit) the bar where they got there start.

Last night's show was worth the money and weather. In addition to the good music and time with family and friends, I came away with a certain satisfaction at the experience--a sense I can only describe as the satisfaction of seeing people do what they were obviously put on earth to do.

One might be critical of the recent turn in DMB's recorded work or even think (as my sister's boyfriend does) that not all of the band members put in the time and effort that they used to put into their craft. But I think one would be hard-pressed to argue that those guys aren't supremely in their element when they are playing music for people (in this case, close to 20,000 of them). I think it's relatively rare to find people who have found their calling in this way. But when I do, it sure is a beautiful thing to witness.


Hugo Black said...

Some punk *ss chump was gonna snap my boy A-dawgs neck. Right. Hater was right 'bout one thing-- A-Dawg din't learn to share in no kindergarten. Where we grew up, it was kill or be killed. Wasn't no "literal" kindergarten, mind you, I'm just sayin'.
If A-Dawg said you can't get yo' stampede on, then you can't get yo' stampede on. That's all there is to it. Hater just lucky my boy didn't pull his nine, go all aggie on 'em. An I ain't talking no Texas A&M.
On another note, I really dig Dave Matthews. Granted, the last time I listened to him regularly was almost a decade ago, but his band's stuff is really unique. The instrument's rythems flow in and out of each other's like jazz, and every once in awhile they break it down into something like improv, and still seem pretty tight. It's good stuff. Not as good as Bono, mind you, but good nonetheless.
A-Dawg, you can correct my spelling and obscure my profanity if you like. I know you got a rep to hold up now, an I don't wanna put no threat on yo' paper.

Mark Traphagen said...

There is no delicate way to put this -- I am insanely jealous. DMB is the one concert I would most like to go to, but ticket prices are as insane as my jealousy.

At least I have my Live at Central Park DVD. I agree that it's a great experience to watch a band made of members who are not only very talented but who also respect and even dig each other, very evident in their performances. Much credit is due to Dave Matthes himself, who though he is the headliner, is very unselfish with the spotlight, and obviously in awe of his brother musicians.

abby said...

It is an absolutely wonnderful thing to see. I've witnessed at a couple of Over the Rhine shows over the years. The last one, in Chicago, featured an amazing jam at the end of one of my current favorites from their new album. Words do not suffice when trying to describe watching and listening to truly gifted musicians totally in their element, but beautiful is a good place to start.

Katie said...

You could have warned me about this concert! I got stuck in the traffic on Wednesday night -- during my once/year tour through the Columbus area. I was cursing those folks (or my lack of preparation...) but didn't know you were among those making my drive an hour longer than it should have been. :)

Hope you're all having a great vacation...

AJK said...


We put 5 in our car so you can't blame us too much. Hope your trip wasn't too bad.

AJK said...

Hi Mark-

I agree that the price is too high. But my sister was going and Tisha was back in C'Ville finishing out the school year so I decided to bite the bullet. Without saying that the price is fair, I'm glad that I dished out the money.

I'll be interested to see what the next DMB album is like. Apparently they are recording it in their new studio in C'Ville.