Friday, May 19, 2006

Against my better judgment

Against my better judgment, I'm finally making a foray into the blogosphere. I've read other blogs for quite some time but have been resistant to having my own because I simply have too many other things to do and don't need anything else on that list. A few factors have finally made me capitulate.

First, I've discovered that a good number of friends have blogs that I didn't know they had. Since I'm quite bad at keeping in touch with all of them by more standard means (e-mail has now become a standard means), hopefully joining the ever-growing blogging community will aid that process. I can post stuff that I've been thinking about or that has been going on in my life and people can check up on me as they feel like it (or not).

Second, writing is an incredible process of clarification for me. Often, I don't know what I think about something until I finally sit down and write about it. As a result, I probably need to write more than I do (which is quite a bit) rather than less. Maybe blogging will help clear out the muddle in my head.

Third, I decided that I would resolve not to let posting become "another thing I have to do." I will do it if and when I want and never more than that. So I have no idea how often or long you'll be hearing from me and that's probably just as it should be.

What are you likely to read about here? I suppose we'll all have to check back in from time to time and find out.


Mark Traphagen said...

No! Run away while you still can.

Welcome to the world of us sick freaks! Seriously, glad to see you're doing this, and look forward to reading whatever you might put out.

Hugo Black said...

I know a man who four posts ago was caught up in blogging. Whether he was in his mind or out of his mind I do not know—God knows. His blawg was

abby said...

Welcome to the blogging world!

AJK said...


Too late. I'm already in.


Great to hear from you. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Mr. Black,

You have no idea how honored I am to have a former supreme court justice reading my blog.